The World’s Most Stylish And Innovative Repurposed Mirrors Of The Age

Mirrors are one of the most compulsory home decorations, or we can say, indispensible home decoration of all the time. In both offline and online market, you will find a huge range of stylish and super classy mirrors. As they are available for diverse prices, everyone can buy new ones to exchange the old ones. That is the fact we always have old mirrors in our homes. Throwing this beautiful object seems a bit hard, so don’t make it a part of trash bin, here are fascinatingly functional repurposed mirrors to let you have this beloved beauty with you and try your crafty potential.

Coffee Tray
Coffee cups for more than 2 people need a tray to serve. Various trays are available in the market for this purpose. But, whatever you purchase, you might one day hear, “oh, how lovely! I have also used a tray like this last year.” Sounding like you have gone too old-fashioned! So, why not have trays nobody can claim to have – repurposed mirrors as trays. It is thoroughly simple; you don’t need to learn steps for this project. But bear in mind one thing, use only framed mirrors for this purpose!

Garden Decoration
If you have 2-3 ft long mirror to repurpose, the best option is to put it in your garden and enjoy double beauty of colors. Place it on a place where it reflects the best mesmerizing scenery. Birds will also play with it and provide chic to your place.

Vas and Planter Decoration
Cut a mirror in little square shape to put on vases or planters. It will create lots of aesthetic warm and great fun. But you need intense care during you cut the glass, so that it may not injure you. Besides, keep your kids out of the place when doing this and clean the place properly and with extreme care after you have done.

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