The Super Stylish, Artistic And Inspiring Driftwood Candle Holder In 5 Steps

The Super Stylish, Artistic And Inspiring Driftwood Candle Holder In 5 Steps

To give your home nautical beauty and rustic charm, things made of driftwood is a wonderfully smart idea. You can begin to make a candle holder of this kind as you next DIY project. There are various ways you can do this cool fun thing, the below given way to make a driftwood candle holder is the easiest and extremely stylish.

Step 1
First of all take a big glass containing candle inside to begin the project. You can take the glass size you like most.

Step 2
Next, arrange 10-20 linear driftwood pieces. Linear ones go best here because you will not have to give them shape, they are already in shape. The number of pieces depends upon the size of the glass, and the length can be equal, less than or more than the glass. Whatever you pick up, the candle stand, when accomplished, will look immensely stylish and carrying rustic sensation.

Step 3
Saw off the collected pieces from one end, so that they might be put together in proper order to keep on floor. The upper part can be cut even if you love neat look, you can also leave it as it is because roughness and originality are a part of rustic charm.

Step 4
Use epoxy glue and fix every piece over the glass by gluing them one by one. Fix them as closely as to hide the full surface of the glass. When you have done, driftwood candle stand is ready to use. But, you can do more stylish steps like adding twine or raffia to the project.

Step 5
Light up the candle inside and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere generated by its charm!

Just get up and begin this simple and cost-effective project before your neighbors read out the post and the thing becomes common!