The Smartest And Most Economical Diy Tissue Pom Poms You Can Make Right Now

DIY tissue pom poms are becoming so popular nowadays on account of their customizability, colorful appearance, soft feel, budget-friendly home decoration aspect and, above all, the simple way you can make them. Yes, these stylish, colorful pom-poms are not hard to create at home. You can do the task this evening, let us learn how:

  • First of all, fold tissue paper. Make layer of 6-10 sheets of average sized tissue paper. Use a flat surface beneath, so that the shape may not change.
  • Begin folding in accordion way.
  • When you have done the second step, take a scissor and cut the tissue paper you folded by both ends. Cut the ends into a point.
  • Take a florist rope to bind the middle of the tissue. Also, bind a ribbon upon the florist to suspend your DIY tissue pom poms after you have done.
  • Open the tissue layers with gentle touch and fluff then to shape a circular form.
  • Finally, you have made your beautiful and elegant DIY tissue pom-poms, decorate your home with these colorful home décor idea. Place them in the middle of your dining table, around the showpieces and photo frames on the shelves or on the walls. They will look sophisticated as any home décor.
  • If you want to throw a stripy impact, swap among lime green, white and pink tissues. If you prefer floral impression, you can use diverse hues of the same color for the project.

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