How To Reuse Shoe Boxes In The Most Functional, Inspiring And Artistic Way

How To Reuse Shoe Boxes In The Most Functional, Inspiring And Artistic Way

DIYers around the world have similar psyche; they use to hoard things people throw as trash. Hence, their garages have lots of items stored with dream that one day they will make some masterpieces with them. If you are also one of those imaginative and crafty classes, you must have stored lots of shoe boxes because shoes are a part of our routine life and we purchase them randomly every year. Be happy, the time has become to make your long-cherished masterpieces with them.

Picnic Box
When the weather is captivating and you want to enjoy the day, there is a little DIY picnic box you can make in no time. Just take a shoe box, wrap it with a colorful or elegant gift sheet and bind it with a stylish and cute ribbon. You will love to carry it throughout the day as the best replacement of stylish picnic baskets. An idea for little picnic plan!

Nail Polish and Lipstick Box
Crafty girls are also girls, they never forget their cosmetics whatever they are dealing with. So, let your dreams fly high, think about being crafty and your nail and lip art at the same time. Reuse shoe boxes to make your nail polish and lipstick boxes and save your favorite things. For this purpose, just wrap a stylish gift paper around the box and its lid, and you are done!

Pencil Box
Let your kids also enjoy crafty ideas and your artistic sense. All you need for this project is a shoe box, little pencil holders, ribbons and gift sheet with cartoonish design.

Wrap the cartoon printed paper over the box and leave its lid, place the little pencil holders of any kind inside the box and put lots of pencils and color pencils separately. One of the coolest ways to reuse shoe boxes!