The Nicest And Cleverest Diy Floating Shelving Idea And Its Multi-advantages

Floating shelves are known to be the most beautiful kind of shelving to store items and display showpieces. They are beautiful because they have hidden support to mount on wall and carry items. Like other shelves, they don’t show sneaky brackets or any brace. Instead, the holders are inside the shelf.

First of all the support is made ready which is a pine board of small width and desired length. It is drilled and fixed on wall through bolts. After that, the shelf with inner space to fit that pine board is mounted onto it. By drilling and bolting, it is joined with the board from both upper and lower sides, and the product is ready.

DIY floating shelving has great advantages as given below:

  • They look magically beautiful by standing on wall gracefully without any external support. In other words they give extremely neat look and finished impression on eyes.
  • They are sturdy to hold whatever you want them to hold. If you want them to hold planters in your garden, they will serve well. If you want to display your great dinner set with all its pieces over them, you will love the result.
  • Any room with big floating shelves gives a book nook below the lowest shelf. In the absence of brackets, book nook idea becomes fantastic.
  • DIY floating shelving creates an illusion of larger space. Concealed supports make lots of space free on the wall.
  • They give farmhouse touch to the place.
  • If you love rustic impressions you can use them without any color option, but if you want them in some elegant color, the best option is ‘white’. White floating shelves whether little or large creates an enchanting atmosphere for everybody coming into their beauty’s magnetic field.
  • DIY floating shelving is an inexpensive idea.

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